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Hampshire Label relocates production (March, 2016)
Hampshire Label completes relocation ...

Mark Andy Press in Full Production (February, 2016)
Production Starts ...

Flexographic Press (December, 2015)
Hampshire Label Commits ...

NJBF Selflabel Trademark" (Oct, 2015)
NJBF re-introduces its Selflabel trademark"

NJBF Goes Double Wide (July, 2015)
36" Installation ...

NJBF Gets a New Roof (May, 2015)
Major capital improvement ...

NJBF Purchases its Building (March, 2015)
After 43 years ...

NJBF Expands Digital Print Capability (November, 2014)

New Jersey Business Forms acquires assists of formerly known Brisco Graphics in Bedford, NH

Another Successful Year
(Jan, 2013)

NJBF and InfoSeal are excited to share that 2012 was another year of significant sales growth.

Three’s Company
(Dec, 2012)

InfoSeal and NJBF are pleased to announce the formation of a new company, Hampshire Label.

InfoSeal and NJBF offering expanded stock cut sheet label products
(Jul, 2012)

InfoSeal and NJBF have expanded its line of stock full sheet labels and stock integrated label formats.

InfoSeal adds Western Warehouse location
(Jul, 2012)

InfoSeal is pleased to announce availability of its stock pressure seal formats shipping from a western warehouse located in Phoenix, AZ.

InfoSeal and NJBF urge resellers to support the independant print manufacturers
(Mar, 2012)

There is an independent manufacturer source for any printed product that you may be reselling.

Dispelling common myths about using paper
(Feb, 2012)

The printing and paper industries continue to work on dispelling common myths about using paper.

InfoSeal and NJBF post record year end combined sales for 2012
(31 Jan, 2012)

Says Andrew Harnett of InfoSeal and NJBF, “Its funny when I tell people that my brother and I run a printing company they get kind of quiet and ask “Hows that going…..with the demise of printing and all.”

“We Manufacture” Trademark Introduced
(Jan, 2012)

InfoSeal and NJBF have introduced their “We Manufacture” trademark. Look for this stylish mark on all of the companies advertisements and marketing materials.

InfoSeal completes major replacement/upgrade at plant in Roanoke
(Jan, 2012)

InfoSeal has recently completed a major replacement/upgrade to its facility HVAC systems at its plant in Roanoke, VA.

InfoSeal annouces purchase of manufacturing plant in Roanoke. VA
(Oct, 2011)

InfoSeal’s owners are pleased to announce that they have closed on the purchase of the company’s 110,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Roanoke, VA.

NJBF employs Tony DiLorenzo of the former Cowdin Printing Company
(Aug, 2011)

The former Cowdin Printing Company of New Jersey closed its doors in early July. NJBF has acquired the order tickets, negative, digital files and certain manufacturing assets from the company.

NJBF employs Tony DiLorenzo of the former Cowdin Printing Company
(Aug, 2011)

The former Cowdin Printing Company of New Jersey closed its doors in early July. NJBF has acquired the order tickets, negative, digital files and certain manufacturing assets from the company.

NJBF and InfoSeal Upgrade Direct to Plate
(Feb, 2011)

NJBF and InfoSeal are each pleased to announce the installation of Screen PT-R8600 Eight Up CtP device in the New Jersey and the Virginia plants.

Pressure Seal Plus Website
(Aug, 2010)

InfoSeal offers a variety of specialty pressure seal formats which it calls Pressure Seal Plus. These are pressure seal self mailers with interesting features perfect for special requirements, direct mail and promotional mail.

InfoSeal and NJBF at the upcoming Print Solutions expo
(May, 2010)

InfoSeal and NJBF exhibiting together in connected booths #611 and #712 at the upcoming  Print Solutions expo.

InfoSeal expands pressure seal capacity
(Mar, 2010)

InfoSeal has upgraded existing pressure seal production capacity in planning for continued growth of sales of this product.

Why Print Is Green
(Feb, 2010)

Domtar paper dispels some myths that are giving paper a black eye
(Jan, 2010)

NJBF and InfoSeal announce the installation of another Eight Color Muller Martini Web Offset press
(Dec, 2009)

NJBF and InfoSeal announce the installation of another Eight Color Muller Martini Web Offset press. The machine has been installed in NJBF's Englewood, NJ location.

InfoSeal and NJBF chosen to have the Most Knowledgeable Staff of the Large Booth exhibitors at the annual PSDA show
(Nov, 2009)

Infoseal Announces the Addition of Welltec Brand to its Product Line
(Oct, 2009)

InfoSeal is pleased to announce it has added the Welltec brand of pressure seal folder sealers to it's equipment product line.

Pixels Or Paper
(Sept, 2009)

"It has become a marketing truth (or fallacy) that converting paper documents to electronic format is an essential part of the "green" revolution. However, this truth bears cross examination.

NJBF and InfoSeal to launch new products at the October PSDA Show
(Aug, 2009)

NJBF and InfoSeal will showcase several new products at the upcoming annual PSDA show.

InfoSeal reaches a milestone of 1.5 billion pressure seal forms produced
(Jul, 2009)

InfoSeal has reached a milestone of 1.5 billion pressure seal forms produced. A combination of modern manufacturing equipment along with rapid sales growth has resulted in this significant acheivement.

Limited offer.....PS25/Forms Bundle
(7 Apr, 2009)

For a limited time InfoSeal is offering the PS25 Bundle. For each PS25 pressure seal machine purchased receive three cartons of pressure seal forms at no charge.

InfoSeal introduces the PS25 pressure seal machine
(7 Apr, 2009)

InfoSeal is pleased to introduce our newest pressure seal folder sealer the PS25.

Print is dead! Long live print!
(10 Mar, 2009)

Its generally accepted that online commerce has its risks. But it's becoming clear that the risks are larger than generally believed and they are growing.

Reasons that Compel Consumers to Open Their Direct Mail
(26 Feb, 2009)

At InfoSeal we think a pressure seal mailer is a terrific direct mail format. A pressure seal self mailer automatically incorporates three of the top five industry recognized reasons that consumers open a direct mail piece.

InfoSeal offering 40% postage cost cutting solution!
(17 Feb, 2009)

InfoSeal is delivering solutions which provide a nearly 40% postal cost savings as compared to standard envelope inserted mail.

InfoSeal receives US Postal Service approval as Certifed Mail form supplier
(13 Nov, 2008)

InfoSeal has received special approval by the US Postal Service for the production of barcoded certified mail forms.

Trojan virus steals banking info
(Nov, 2008)

Do you bank online and pay your bills online? Think that getting paper based mail is "old fashioned". Maybe you should consider the security issues involved in online banking and payment transactions?

InfoSeal's packaging reduction efforts
(Aug 2008)

InfoSeal is offering a greener alternative on its cut sheet pressure seal products.

NJBF completes three year $5,000,000 pressroom and bindery modernization project
(May 2008)

New Jersey Business Forms has completed a three year $5,000,000 pressroom and bindery modernization project for its Englewood, New Jersey location.

NJBF expands commercial print capability
(22 Apr, 2008)

With the addition of a new Muller Martini Eight Color Web press NJBF is now offering high speed production of commerical quality work running roll to roll and roll to sheet in up to sixteen colors with re-insertion of the web.

NJBF announces the delivery of new Muller Martini Eight Color Concepta press
(16 Jan, 2008)

NJBF is please to inform its customers that delivery of a new Muller Martini Eight Color Concepta press has begun.

Vegas is coming!
(10 Sept, 2007)

The annual DMIA show is coming, October 17-19 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr. Robert Eberly is no longer employed as a Regional Sales Manager for InfoSeal
(Sept, 2007)

Product Focus!!!!
(1 Jun, 2007)

InfoCard is the answer for proven performance on affixed form/card applications.

New Jersey Business Forms to celebrate 30th anniversary this June
(11 May, 2007)

New Jersey Business Forms is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary this June.

Summer Sizzler!!!!
(10 May, 2007)

Guaranteed 10% Savings on Custom Pressure Seal Orders

NJBF's Long Snap Sets
(9 May, 2007)

For many years New Jersey Business Forms has offered rotary manifold Unit Sets up to 26" long.

Free inserts inside a pressure seal mailer? That can't be done�..can it?
(16 Apr, 2007)

InfoSeal is pleased to announce pressure seal forms with free inserts.

"Music for your Ears"
(Feb, 2007)

InfoSeal announces a sales incentive for its reseller customer.

Happy New Year
(Jan, 2007)

Happy New Year and thank you to our customers for a succesful 2006!

Tax Form Season is well Underway
(15 Nov, 2006)

InfoSeal's full line of 2006 Pressure Seal Tax Forms are available now.

InfoSeals newest pressure seal converting line 100% operational
(Oct, 2006)

InfoSeals newest pressure seal converting line is 100% operational.

2006 Tax Forms Arriving Soon
(9 Aug, 2006)

InfoSeal's 2006 Tax Form products will soon be available.

InfoSeal Expands Capacity for Production of Pressure Seal Forms and Integrated Labels
(6 Jun, 2006)

InfoSeal will soon take delivery of a new converting line for production of pressure seal mailers and integrated labels.

People Prefer To Receive Messages In An Envelope, Study Finds
(28 April, 2006)

ALEXANDRIA,VA � Despite the rise of online communications channels, envelopes are one of the most powerful and effective tools for connecting with people, a new study by the Envelope Manufacturers Association Foundation (EMAF) shows.

NJBF and InfoSeal report highest ever single month sales figure
(15 February, 2006)

NJBF and InfoSeal are pleased to each report their highest ever single month sales figure.

InfoSeal gets a new Image!
(Feb, 2006)

InfoSeal has expanded its capabilities with the addition of variable imaging equipment designed for the inline personalization of its self mailer products.

InfoSeal goes Postal
(Jan, 2006)

InfoSeal goes Postal - Tripled capacity for the imaging and mailing of cut sheet documents.

InfoSeal and NJBF announce hiring of new Regional Sales Manager
(1 December, 2005)

InfoSeal and NJBF are please to announce the hiring of its newest Regional Sales Manager, Bob Eberly.

InfoSeal's General Manager, David Yost and Director of Sales, Dan Hopkins featured in an article about Self Mailers
(Nov, 2005)

2005 Pressure Seal Tax Forms Available Now!
(1 Oct, 2005)

InfoSeal has published its full line of 2005 Tax Forms in Pressure Seal formats.

InfoSeal launches a new concept in pressure seal products called "Pressure Seal Plus"
(27 June, 2005)

InfoSeal has launched a new concept in pressure seal products called "Pressure Seal Plus".

InfoSeal expands capacity
(10 June, 2005)

InfoSeal has expanded capacity with the modification of one of its existing converting lines to allow for production of Pressure Seal forms.

InfoSeal is pleased to welcome Paula Webster as Customer Service Representative
(May, 2005)

InfoSeal is pleased to welcome Paula Webster as Customer Service Representative.

NJBF announces the promotion of Ed Witkowski to Customer Service Representative
(25 Apr, 2005)

NJBF is pleased to announce the promotion of Ed Witkowski to a Customer Service Representative.

NJBF and InfoSeal no longer members of the Unigraphics Network
(15 Mar, 2005)

As of March 15, 2005 NJBF and InfoSeal are no longer members of the Unigraphics Network.

Jeff Boyce, new member of the Customer Service Department of NJBF
(Jan, 2005)

Welcome to Jeff Boyce, new member of the Customer Service Department of NJBF.

InfoSeal hits the ground running in 2005!
(Jan, 2005)

Production of pressure seal forms remains in full swing at InfoSeal with round the clock production.

2005 DMIA Show Season Begins
(Jan, 2005)

The 2005 DMIA show season has begun with InfoSeal attending four regional shows in the month of January.

InfoSeal Seminar at DMIA Regional Shows
(Jan, 2005)

InfoSeal will be conducting a seminar discussing high profit opportunities in the Pressure Seal market.

InfoSeal's staff voted "Most Helpful" at the 2004 Print Solutions Expo
(Oct, 2004)

InfoSeal's staff of its booth at the 2004 Print Solutions Expo has been voted by attendees as "Most Helpful" among large booth exhibitors.

Take a swing at a Winning Discounts! 2004 Inform Services
(September, 2004)

Visitors to the InfoSeal booth at the upcoming DMIA Inform Services show will be given the chance to hit a grand slam...

InfoSeal introduces new High Security Pin Number Mailer
(Sep, 2004)

Introducing �PinSeal� by InfoSeal.

NJBF Adding new Sixteen Color Press
(Sep, 2004)

NJBF is pleased to announce the purchase of a new Mueller Martini web press.

NJBF Expands Warehouse and Pick/Pack Service
(Sep, 2004)

NJBF has expanded its warehouse and pick/pack division with leasing of a separate facility.

Plans Underway for October DMIA Show
(Aug, 2004)

InfoSeal and NJBF are exhibiting at the upcoming Annual DMIA show in October held in Chicago.

InfoSeal Manufactures OPAS Coated Forms and Mailers
(Jul, 2004)

InfoSeal would like to remind its customers that it can produce forms and mailers with OPAS CB carbonless coating.

InfoSeal mails its Tax Form Catalog
(Jul, 2004)

InfoSeal has published its 2004 tax forms catalog containing all types of tax forms in self seal mailer formats.

InfoSeal hits 150,000,000 Mark
(Jun, 2004)

InfoSeal has reached a production milestone in its third full year of production.

InfoSeal Adds New Regional Sales Associate
(May, 2004)

Rick Amundson has been added as Regional Sales Associate and Technical Manager for the Northeastern region of the United States.

InfoSeal Displays new LaserSeal machine at Mailcom Expo
(April, 2004)

InfoSeal displayed its newest Pressure Seal machine in its booth at the Mailcom Expo in Atlantic City on April 28-30.

InfoSeal Receives Océ Certification
(April 16, 2004)

InfoSeal LLC, Roanoke, Va., received a certificate of connectivity from Océ North America Inc. , Boca Raton, Fla.

New Product Launch
(January, 2004)

Infoseal is doing more for you and pressure seal! InfoSeal and NJBF are pleased to announce exclusive availability of the lowest cost Desktop pressure sealer on the market today.

Pressure Seal Systems of the UK Sold to UK Investment Company
(1 November, 2003)

Pressure Seal Systems of the UK has recently been purchased by the Grenadier Group.

InfoSeal Launches new In Line Pressure Seal System, Print Solutions Expo, (October, 2003)
InfoSeal is pleased to announce the addition of the LaserSeal pressure seal machine to its line of pressure seal folder sealers.

Las Vegas Print Solutions Expo (October, 2003)
InfoSeal and NJBF debut new Pressure Seal formats at the Print Solutions Expo.

Turn Key Mail and Fulfillment Services From InfoSeal
(October, 2003)

In addition to providing multi ply mailers and self seal mailers InfoSeal offers the option of imaging and mailing done entirely within our facility in Roanoke, VA.

Regional Sales Manager (June 15, 2003)

Infoseal appoints new Director of Strategic Alliances & Sales, Lee Spranger. (April 16, 2003)
InfoSealPS is pleased to announce our new Director of Strategic Alliances & Sales, Lee Spranger.

NJBF joins Unigraphics Consortium (April, 2003)
Infoseal and NJBF have joined the Unigraphics Consortium of companies.

Dan Hopkins appointed Regional Sales Manager. (March 17, 2003)
InfoSeal, LLC is pleased to announce that Dan Hopkins has joined the company as a Regional Sales Manager.

InfoSeal to exhibit at Graphics Americas, January 24-26 (January 15, 2003)
InfoSeal, LLC will be displaying the new and innovative PS600X at the upcoming Graphics Americas show in Miami on January 24, 25, 26.

Sales of InfoSealPS are looking up! (January, 2003)
InfoSealPS received terrific interest in its products at the recent Graphics Americas show in Miami Beach, FL.

First Crossfold Pressure Seal System (December 23, 2002)
InfoSeal is proud to announce the introduction of the PS600X Cross Fold pressure seal system.

InfoSeal Host DMIA Regional Forum (December 5, 2002)
InfoSeal has recently hosted a DMIA Regional Forum at its pressure seal demonstration center in Englewood, NJ.

Demonstration Center and Training Center In Full Swing (November 6, 2002)
InfoSeal and NJBF are pleased to announce that its folder sealer demonstration center is fully operational.

InfoSealPS steals the Show! (October 21, 2002)
InfoSeal exhibited its complete range of pressure sealing machines at the INform Services Expo.

InfoSeal takes Second Place (October 18, 2002)
InfoSeal's booth took second place for overall appearance at the Chicago InformServices expo.

InfoSeal hires Pressure Seal patent holder (October 1, 2002)
InfoSeal is excited to announce the employment of Mr. Leo Lombardo, formerly of Moore Corporation.

First Shipment of Transvue on Pressure Seal (September 3, 2002)
InfoSeal, LLC is pleased to announce shipment of its first Transvue InfoSeal order.

InfoSeal launches Pressure Seal forms (August 15, 2002)
InfoSeal, LLC has created a new product name to represent its entire Pressure Seal product line.

NJBF Adds Four Color Long-run Sheeting Capacity (May 2002)
NJBF has added to its cut sheet manufacturing capacity. Previously NJBF was able to produce cut sheets in up to 8 Colors with UV drying.

NJBF and InfoSeal now manufacture Pressure Seal (May 2002)
NJBF and InfoSeal are announcing the acquisition of additional equipment to manufacture pressure seal mailers.

NJBF and InfoSeal Double up its Integrated Label and Card Capacity (May 2002)
With the addition of the InfoSeal manufacturing equipment to the NJBF production environment, the companies combined capacity for Integrated Label production has more than doubled.

Buys More Transkrit Assets (February 2002)
InfoSeal, LLC a division of New Jersey Business Forms, has purchased all the rights and assets of the former Transkrit's multi-ply mailer division, including all prior art, patents and trademarks.

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